Today brand stories are a journey of life experiences. More than just fulfilling the consumer's needs, brands are now enriching lives. Our business is improving the quality of life with the products and services we provide.

As the General Manager of the Bedrock Prestige Group, I believe in the core values of integrity, innovation and individualism that will elevate brands to reach new heights of success. Furthermore, help establish a mutually beneficial relationship, between our company and the principle brand owners.

Our expertise and experience lies in the luxury beauty and health sector. While we have empowered brands with our integrated marketing and distribution strategies, we have also devised customized solutions to meet the consumers' needs. Our aim is to elevate the consumer's lifestyle, with a choice of definitive luxury and beauty products.

I am pleased to welcome you to Bedrock Prestige Group, and hope to build your brand and business.

Adel Arslan
General Manager
Bedrock Prestige Group


Bedrock Prestige is an exclusive distributor of niche and emerging lifestyle, skincare and personal care brands operating in the Middle East. The group works closely with the international brand owners to tailor integrated distribution and marketing strategies for each brand in the region while working closely with partners in each country. Bedrock Prestige is based in the UAE, is present in Saudi and expanding during the second half of 2014 to Qatar and Kuwait.

Bedrock Prestige’s portfolio includes world-class brands such as:
• Kelly Van Gogh (USA)
• Human+Kind (Ireland)
• Skin Republic (South Africa)
• Toletta (Canada)


Today's market is an increasingly cluttered brand bazaar. But at the same time, the consumer's needs have become increasingly particular. Offering the consumers personalized and unique products is the only way to stand out in the health and beauty sector.

Bedrock Prestige Distributors JLT was set up to cater to the region's niche requirements in the luxury health and beauty sector. With the combined expertise of the company management, we provide a deep understanding of the market needs by offering tailored marketing & distribution strategies for your brand in each market.

We are also one of the first marketers in the region to offer E-commerce strategies, going beyond the traditional brick and mortar avenues to reach a wider audience.

All in all, our aim is to provide the right mix of retail environment and distribution reach to help a brand succeed, and break the clutter to lead.


Kelly Van Gogh
Skin Republic